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Address to:   Connie Doss

                       Carroll County Clerk

                       210 W Church Ave

                      Berryville, AR 72616


It is our understanding that all requests for absentee ballot will be honored.   Check the boxes that most apply.  We have highlighted (YELLOW) those areas that would be appropriate for personal issues associated with COVID-19.  


Most of you will check 

1. “I will be unavoidably absent from my polling site on Election Day"

2. “I RESIDE - within the county in which I am registered to vote” 

3. “I REQUEST THE APPROPRIATE ABSENTEE BALLOT FOR THE FOLLOWING ELECTIONS:  General Election/Nonpartisan Runoff & General Election Runoff”

4. “I WILL RECIEVE MY BALLOT BY: Mail.  I request that you mail my ballot to the following address:  “

5.  The printed name and signature (highlighted in GREEN) must be that which is on the Voter Registration File held by the Secretary of State.  You can check this by going to SOS.ARKANSAS.GOV and click on “VOTER VIEW” tab.


You can get a copy of this application at

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