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DPCC State Committee Members

Joyce Knowles

Joyce Knowles moved to Eureka Springs in 1993.  She is a retired casualty underwriter.


Joyce partnered with Jay Wilks to raise money for The Granny Fund which feeds children who are unable to pay for meals in the Eureka Springs School District.  The program is now funded for two school years.  She supports many local events both charitable and civic.  


She worked to make City Council meetings accessible to citizens with disabilities  by compelling the mayor and council to move to The Aud and provide captioned replays on youtube among other accommodations.  She also compelled the Democratic Party of Arkansas (DPA) into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by making assemblies accessible to the deaf.


Joyce was chosen as the Carroll County representative to state democratic party.  She takes the assignment seriously working to bridge the local party with the state executive committee.  Joyce attends meetings in Little Rock on the county party’s behalf or gathers meeting minutes and information to relay to the local party group

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