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There's no DPCC without paying members!

Where's RICCI headed now? He's turning in his membership dues!

We're kicking off the New Year with a membership drive...and the Democratic Party of Carroll County needs YOU!

Your financial support allows us to support local candidates and continue to do the good work of voter registration, messaging, and working to ensure that the rules of democracy are still upheld.

This year is the most critical year we have faced-- literally! We are fighting to keep our democracy and that is why you need to join this fight.

You don't have to be a frequent meeting attendee. You don't have to volunteer unless you want to. But you need to stand with us for this battle. And it is a battle.

Renew your membership in the Democratic Party of Carroll County today!

Print and complete a membership form and put it in an envelope, along with your check for dues. Mail to DPCC, PO Box 8, Eureka Springs, AR 72632.

No access to a printer? No problem. Just put your check for $35 (annual dues) or $10 (seniors over 75), along with your name, address, phone, and email address, in an envelope, and mail to the same address.

Stay tuned for the news of a fun membership lottery. But you cannot enter unless you are a MEMBER!

So, stop what you are doing and join us now!

Onward, Suzie Bell Chair

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