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It's Your Time To Shine! We Need JP Candidates!

Running for JP as a Democrat is Important! 1. Why is this important to all of us here in Carroll County?

Because the county has been given 5.5 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan and QUORUM COURT decides how that money is spent!! We can address the crisis of homelessness and low-income housing with this money. We can help with food insecurity in this area. There is so much that can be done - but it starts with having say on the Quorum Court. WE NEED YOU! 2. Spread the Democratic Message. These federal funds will give Justices of the Peace the power to make a real difference in people's lives and will give you the platform to be the perfect example of what the Democratic Party is about. The accomplishments of the Quorum Court will be Democratic Accomplishments - and unless you are there to let everyone know then Republicans will take credit for the new projects, roads, bridges and more that this Federal Democratic money will provide. 3. Help build the Democratic Party of Arkansas. With few Democrats in power in the statehouse, senate, or executive offices it makes it difficult to point to Democratic accomplishments. The Quorum Court is an amazing opportunity for Democrats to get big important things done for their community and provide credibility for the Democratic party. If we do this across the state it will make it easier to elect state representatives and senators in the next cycle, congresspersons and governors in the future! Okay! Those are great reasons to take control of quorum courts! But why should you run for Justice of the Peace? 1. You are qualified! The idea of running for office may seem scary, and you may not think you are good enough to run for JP, but trust me you are! This is an entry level position and you don't have to have an impressive job or amazing accomplishments to run on. All you need is to love your community and neighbors and want to make a difference! You can build your accomplishments once you are on the court! 2. Begin a political career! If you have a passion for politics or public service, Justice of the Peace is the perfect place to start. It may not be as attractive as Governor or Senate or Congress, but you can get your foot in the door here and your work on the quorum court can help you run for other offices in the future! You have to start somewhere and waiting around won't get you anywhere! Throw your hat in the ring! 3. Manageable workload! JP races have some of smallest number of voters of any race, often times less than the number of voters in a City Council race. This small number of voters will make it much easier to meet as many of them as possible, and it will really cut down on the costs of your campaign! It also means less time and stress compared to other races. 4. Make a difference in your community! Often times we see the horrible news on TV and all the bad things happening and feel completely powerless. But you are not powerless. If you become a Justice of the Peace, you can use your humble role to make your little slice of Arkansas a better, brighter place and that is incredibly important. In many ways a Justice of the Peace can have a greater impact on the lives of your neighbors then your congressman ever will. You want a passionate, innovative democrat in that position, and that democrat can be you! 5. You are not alone! Democratic Justice of the Peace Candidates will have the support of their County Party and the Democratic Party of Arkansas! Your County Committee can help you with organization, volunteering, and fundraising! It takes a village, and your county party will be there to support you all the way! Okay! Great! So what issues can our Justice of the Peace Candidates run on? Especially with Biden's federal funding, JPs can work on many projects that benefit the lives of Arkansans in powerful ways. If you become Justice of the Peace, you can have a hand in:

  • Paving roads

  • Repairing bridges

  • Improving flood control and drainage

  • Providing clean drinking water

  • Attracting business and tourism

  • Promoting tenant habitability and renters' rights, and assistance.

  • Providing preschool opportunities

  • Creating after-school programs

  • Improving special needs programs

  • Promoting drug rehabilitation

  • Creating mental health crisis units

  • Supporting food banks, homeless shelters and other local nonprofits.

Interested? Thinking about it? For more information, contact Tyler Squires, Candidate Support at .

The filing deadline is March 1.

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