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Essay Contest Winners Announced!

Three talented Carroll County high school students gathered with family, sponsors, and their teachers at Pizza Hut in Berryville on January 10th. The group was recognized and rewarded for their winning entries in the 3rd Annual Non-Partisan High School Civics Essay Contest. Sponsored by the Democratic Party of Carroll County, Carroll County Republicans, and the Eureka Springs Indivisible group, this writing competition asked participants to discuss the topic: “Explain under what conditions, if any, citizens' freedoms should be restricted.”

Eureka Springs High School 1st Place winner Stella Bentley excitedly accepted $300, and a beaming 2nd place winner, Shiloh Goodman, also from Eureka Springs High, collected $125. Green Forest High School student, Juan Jose Fernandez placed 3rd, receiving $75 for his essay.

Contest coordinator and our Vice Chair of Community Outreach, Jean Reed, commented, “Coordinating an event like this is challenging at best during a pandemic, but sharing the common goal of focusing on student achievements helped make it happen. We intentionally set out to demonstrate that differing political organizations, working in concert with teacher support, can successfully create a project together.”

Parents were in attendance with the students - as well as Jerry Runnersmith, History teacher from Eureka High School. Teacher Laine Smith had intended to attend but was unable to do so last minute. Democratic Party Chair Suzie Bell, and Eureka Indivisible representative Nancy Paddock also enjoyed hearing from the students. Carroll County Republican representative Charlie Reece had to decline due to prior commitment, but sent his best regards.

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