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2019 Waiver of Dues



2019 Membership Form

Waiver of Dues

The Democratic Party of Carroll County (DPCC) wants to ensure every Democrat has the opportunity to fully participate, vote and engage in the political future of our County.  The Members voted to create a Waiver of DPCC dues for anyone who cannot financially include the cost of dues into their budget.  Include the Waiver with the Membership Form and mail to the address below.  Only the Treasurer will see this form and no one in the Committee is informed. We wish to maintain your privacy and add your voice to the future. 

2018 Membership Form

You will notice changes in 2019 Membership Form.  The annual dues is $25. However, for Students and Seniors over 75, the amount has been reduced to $10.  Mail your completed and signed form with $25 Membership Fee (a donation may be added if you wish) to: 


PO Box 8

Eureka Springs, AR 72632