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Mark Bailey, Candidate
Carroll County Sheriff
Mark Bailey | Arkansas | Carroll County | Candidate
Carroll County Sheriff

Hello, my name is Mark Bailey. I am taking this opportunity to announce my intentions to run for Sheriff of Carroll County in 2018. Let me introduce myself to those of you who do not know me yet. I was raised in Osage in South Carroll County, and attended school in Alpena. After graduation, I attended college in Harrison at North Arkansas Community College and graduated in 1980 with an Associates Degree in Science, and Law enforcement. I am married, and between my wife and I, we have 6 children, and 6 grandchildren. I have worked at the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office since 2011. I have also been the Chief of Police of Alpena since 2002. 

I began my law enforcement career in 1987 in Harrison as a reserve officer, where I was responsible for leading the reserve program. I worked 15 years for Harrison, then went to work for the Boone County Sheriff’s office and worked for a year, helping to establish the reserve program there. I also worked part-time for the Diamond City Police Department for a number of years. I began my career at Carroll County in CID. While in CID, I have arrested numerous thieves, robbers, drug dealers, sex offenders, rapists, and even murderers sending them to prison, where they belong! After Sergeant John Deniz retired, I was assigned to Civil Process, basically what most people call “paper service”. Well, I found out that Sergeant Deniz had a tougher job than anybody thought. There is much more to it than it seems!

As far as credential go, I am Crime Scene Certified, a certified instructor, including firearms instructor. I have taken hundreds of hours of training in all aspects of law enforcement, including sex crimes, crimes against children, hostage negotiation, and much more. I am experienced in management, and business relations. 

I believe in treating people the way I would want to be treated, helping those who truly need help, and for those who continually refuse to obey the law and steal from others, sell drugs, and corrupt our children, well, they need to go to jail.

My attendance record at anywhere I have ever work is exceptional. I believe in coming to work and delivering an honest days work to the county.

I will work closely with the Arkansas State Police, County Judge, quorum court, both Judge Jackson, and Judge Ramsey, all of our local police agencies, and all other government offices to make sure things run smoothly, and efficiently.

For those of you who have “heard rumors”, yes, I was investigated, many years ago, by the Arkansas State Police and once by the FBI. I guess that makes me “a Brady cop”. However, in both instances, no truth was found to the false allegations. I am not ashamed of being investigated, in fact, I’m proud of the fact that there is a system in place that investigates everybody, even honest officers and deputies to make sure that they are deserving of the trust we put in them. I realize there may be doubters, but if the best investigators of the Arkansas State Police, and the FBI cant find fault, well maybe it was just as I said, “false allegations”. It seems that if you do your job well by putting drug dealers, thieves, and sex offenders in jail, it should be no surprise that one or more of them will try to “get rid of you” by making up lies. The result, one of them was arrested for filing a false report, and the other was “unidentified”. I’m a Christian man, not perfect, but I am sincere and honest. I will always tell you what I think, be approachable, accountable, and work hard to earn the trust of the citizens of Carroll County. I look forward to meeting you, and serving you.

Mark S. Bailey for Carroll County Sheriff

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