Jim Wallace, Candidate

Arkansas Senate District  5

Jim Wallace, Candidate
District 5, State Senate 

My Political Concerns

The people have heard for decades how it is that we live in times that are so critical for our future welfare and more so than at any other time in the past. If that If that is true with each additional year that passes, then we as a society, as a culture and as the providers for our descendants, are not doing a good job. If it is not true that the critical issues of our time are ever-increasingly dire then a significant number of people are lying to the public with the intent of scaring them. As in many issues the truth probably cuts in between these two positions.

A non-prioritized, abridged list of concerns:

  • Responsible use of citizens' taxes by the state;

  • Financial support for modernizing rural emergency fire and medical response services and training;

  • Sustaining rural healthcare hospital facilities;

  • Food insecurity;

  • Opioids, fentanyl and methamphetamine curtailment;

  • Infrastructure, repair and replacement of roads and bridges;

  • Acquiring input from existing businesses in district #5 to best support them (tourism, agriculture etc.);

  • Future economic development for district #5.

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