Doug Hausler

Chair, Executive Committee

Dr. Doug Hausler graduated from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1972 with a BA in chemistry, received a MS in Chemistry (with Environmental Option) from Old Dominion University in 1976 and his PhD in Chemistry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1980.  He pursued a career at Phillips Petroleum’s Research Center from 1980 to his retirement in 2003 as a Senior Research Associate.  He and his wife, Edwige Denyszyn, built their house in rural Eureka Springs, planted a vineyard and started Keels Creek Winery and Art Gallery.


Doug has served on the Greater Eureka Springs Board of Directors as Treasurer for 3 years and as a Board member for 2 years, served on the Board of the Arkansas Association of Grape Growers for 6 years , is currently a member of the Arkansas Wine Producers Council.


Doug and Edwige have two sons, Philippe who is an Apple programmer and lives in San Francisco, and Steffen, a Mechanical Engineer with Logitec living near Portland, OR.

As Secretary for the DPCC , Doug was responsible for management of committee documents and accreditations, maintains meeting minutes, membership rosters, and communications with membership.  

Janet Corley

Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

  • Facilitating enhanced communication tools with membership

  • Chair sub-committee, Issues & Messages


My political activity began in 1968 when I campaigned for Hubert Humphey in our high school election.

In the 70s I was active in the Women's Movement and in establishing NOW in Fayetteville, serving as Treasurer.  My volunteer time was devoted to The NWA Rape Crisis program and The Battered Women's Shelter.

My Social Work career was multifaceted.  I worked as a Community Coordinator for the EOA (a Community Action Program),  with  Epidemiology and WIC Programs at Washington County Health Dept, and Director of an Adult Day Care Center.

Then came nursing.  I was a Cardiac Critical Care/ICU nurse for 22 years. 

In 2005 we changed our residence to Eureka Springs.  Finally, in 2015 I became a retired resident of Eureka Springs.

Ty Mrahunec

Treasurer, Executive Committee

Vice-Chairman, Finance Committee

  • Develop a plan for fundraising

  • Develop a budget based on needs of the DPCC committees

  • Report on state of finances at each DPCC meeting (Treasurer's Report)

  • Purchasing office and promotional items as required

I moved to Eureka Springs in 2010 with my partner of 19 years, Shannon Dugger.  I lived my entire life in Houston Texas until we decided we wanted something different.  We owned and operated a tax practice for over 20 years when we made the big jump to change our lives and move to beautiful Eureka Springs.  Once in Eureka, we purchased Cabin Fever Resort.  I still do some tax and accounting on the side, but my primary focus has been the cabins.

Until this past election season, I admittedly have not been a very vocal Democrat.  However, the current political climate became more than I could ignore and decided it was time to get involved.  I was fortunate to discover the Democratic Party of Carroll County and am excited to help make a change.

As Treasurer, I am dedicated to total transparency while ensuring sound fiscal management, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting and budgeting.  I also serve as the Chair of the Finance Committee.  

Suzanne Childers

Secretary, Executive Committee

Vice-Chairman, Data Mgmt Committee

  • Membership recording and updates

  • Provide data for voting

  • Record dues info to forward to Treasurer

  • Provide membership info to other committee members & candidates as needed

  • Report progress and activities at DPCC meetings

Suzanne Childers.jpg

The Democratic Party of Carroll County is in an unprecedented time of revitalization aimed to bring Carroll County into a cohesive group of people from various backgrounds with the common goal of creating vibrant multi-community interactions for the good of all the citizens.

This begins with our members sharing  an actual exchange of ideas, issues, and solutions. Building our membership expands our interaction within the community.​

DPCC members are working to be the voice of the people in Carroll County.  Together we can make a difference in Carroll County and ALL the people who live in our beautiful County.

James Wallace

Vice-Chair, Candidate Support Committee

  • Develop plan to recruit and train candidates, including budget and timeline

  • Develop "Meet the Candidates" forums throughout Carroll County

  • Develop a plan to support candidates seeking local offices (including budget)

  • Report progress of recruiting and training at DPCC meetings

jim w flag .jpg

​I am hot off the campaign trail from the 2018 midterms running for the Arkansas state senate.  Politics might not seem to be the direction for someone to go who has been an artist all of his life.  There are many purposes for making art and political art has never come up short for inspiration. I feel that my art background has steadily led up to working in politics.  


After obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1984, I chaired the Fine Art Departments at the campuses of Texas A & M - Commerce and University of Muskingum, Ohio.  


“I settled near Eureka Springs in 1998 and set up my studio and raised two daughters each have earned masters degrees and gone on to do great things.  Olivia is a nurse with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Martinez, CA and Maija is an officer with Homeland Security and interviews asylum seekers with her fluent French and Spanish language.”


I’m excited about the new vigor in the Carroll County party and I see 2019 as a very important year to maintain (or increase!) the momentum for our candidates.  We have lots to do and some will tell you it is hard work but the wonderful part is that the work is always more fun than it is hard because there are so many interesting people to meet with rich ideas for how to make our world a better place.

Jean Reed

Vice-Chair, Community Outreach Committee

  • Organize GOTV at election time

  • Identify and organize community outreach events

  • Budget events and coordinate with Finance Committee

  • Report on events and planned events at DPCC meetings


As a relatively new Eurekan (June 2017), I am honored and challenged by being asked to possibly serve as Vice Chair of Community Outreach. My hope is that with still fresh eyes, last year’s experience on the Outreach Committee under Jillian’s terrific leadership, and passion to make a positive difference in expanding our Democratic family, that I could honorably serve in that role.


 I’m a native Memphian, married, and a Registered Nurse for 40 + years in a variety of capacities. I have enjoyed working over the years with a variety of populations and ethnicities, and developed more empathy from this experience.   I have a world-view of inclusiveness in our country, pertinent to progressive Democratic values.   Over the years I’ve participated in a variety of volunteer opportunities such as AIDS support services, United Way activities, and currently at ECHO clinic.


I believe we could help expand our positive and progressive Democratic message in Carroll County.

Shannon Magee

Vice-Chairman, Communications Committee

  • Develop plan for website, FaceBook, ads and brochures with budget to Finance

  • Create website, FaceBook presence, etc.

  • Executive Committee gives final approval of materials representing DPCC

  • Report progress and marketing efforts at DPCC meetings

  • Selection and training of county poll workers

DPCC is Working for You!