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Democratic Election Commissioner

I was born in Rockford IL. in November of 1951. My parents, Frederick and Evelyn, were kind and nurturing parents who were totally devoted to raising their family.   I was educated in the Rockford public school system and graduated from Rockford West High in 1969. I went to Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL, and majored in history. I did not graduate, but still have a great interest in the subject.


In August of 1976 I moved to Eureka Springs. I came to visit friends that had moved to the area and never left.  


My first job was working as a slave in The Great Passion Play.  After that brief employment, I went to work at the New Orleans Hotel and worked there until 1983. I have worked since then in retail and other tourist related jobs.

I have a great interest in music and play violin and cello.  I have been in a few ensembles while living in Eureka Springs, but at present rarely perform in public.

I am currently working as a waiter at The Cottage Inn, (since 1994), and at Local Flavor Cafe, (since 2005).


In the election year of 2000, I started working as a poll worker.  I have worked as a poll worker and occasionally poll captain in about every election since that time.  


As a member of the County Board of Election Commissioners, I will do my best to see that elections are conducted according to the applicable laws of the State of Arkansas.


I am not literate in Russian.

 Ken Sculley taking the Carroll County Election Commission Oath of Office, being administered by Jamie Correia, Carroll County Clerk.

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