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Community Outreach Committee Meeting

Community Outreach
Sub-Committee Meeting

Date:  April 9th, 2019

Location:  Eureka Springs Library Annex

Time:  5:50 PM - 7:30 PM

Agenda: TBD


Jean Reed, Vice Chair

Community Outreach

Hello everyone,


MARCH 7TH, 2017


Present: Jean, Janet, Doug, Chryl, Jim, Carolyn, Glenda Satterfield, David & Wendy, Harrie, Jillian, Edwidge


Meeting called to order by Jean Reed, Vice chair, Community Outreach.


(A special thanks to Janet Corley for keeping the minutes!)


Review and update from previous meeting. Proposal was made and accepted by the Exec Committee to gift a charitable organization at each General Membership meeting, beginning with March 12 meeting, benefiting the Merlin Foundation.

A decision was also accepted to defer the Friends Picnic until 2020.


Discussion of having 2-3 low budget, low stress fundraising events in 2019 with locations being ES, HI, and Berryville. Ideas discussed: Pie Auction, Beans & Cornbread, Jim suggested ‘empty bowls’ event, and Wine tasting. Glenda shared that in the past the Women Dems held events at the Berryville Fire Station.


Saturday, March 30th at 11:00 was set for the Highway trash pickup at the Kings River bridge parking lot as gathering place. Rain date: April 6th. Ideas for photo op: Pictures of most unusual items collected and discussion of making ‘ Art from Trash’ (provided it’s not gooey-gross, editorial by Jean) Please let Jean know of your availability to help out, as this event takes only about 1.5 hours to do and makes our landscape look good!


The Holiday Island Chili cook-off is scheduled April 20th and we decided to participate. Jean has entered and Jim will do so as well, as chief chili cook. The sub-committee is: Jim, Jean, Edwige, and Chryl and a sub-comm. Meeting will be 3/13/19, 6:45, Keels Creek.


Edwidge informed us that she and Margi are working on a plan for the ArtRageous parade (May 4th) that includes RICCI wearing a pink tutu!. Let your imagination work on that.


We’ll have a booth at GF AgriDays May 31- June 1 and at the Berryville Ice Cream social (June 7-8). Ideas discussed for booths include: Raffle for a pie (Carolyn volunteered her cooking expertise), and having a popcorn machine.


We plan to be in the 4th of July parade.


For the August Carroll County fair (Berryville), it was discussed limiting times sitting at the booth to busiest times only. There was unanimous agreement that pink tutu’s would not be worn in the County parade in Berryville.


There was discussion regarding the school essay contest. Schools need information prior to August to allow for teacher planning. Doug agreed to contact Sharon Hoover, Chairperson for County Republican party to make arrangements. Jillian had expressed an interest in working on the school civic engagement/ essay contest project and Jean encouraged her to do so. Aiming for late 2019 school term.


Re. young Dems, and reaching out to them to become involved, Tim Freeman’s name was mentioned and Jillian offered to talk with him to explore interest.


A motion to adjourn was made by Jillian, and 2nd by David.




Respectfully submitted by:


Jean Reed , Vice-Chair

DPCC Community Outreach 

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