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Message from the Chair ...

To Be or Not To Be...

Does the Constitution protect your right to be miserable? I say this with tongue deeply imbedded in cheek. I know the Declaration of Independence spoke clearly about our Creator endowing us with certain inalienable rights, i.e., Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It is difficult, at best, to wake up in the morning and be faced with a kazillion emails decrying that the sky is inches away from smashing into us and the only answer is…to send money to some well-meaning erstwhile candidate for office. I suppose s/he is allowed to try and scare the bejeezus out of me and make me feel miserable in order to pursue her/his own happiness. A word of warning to all of you politicians and wannabes, the spigot has been turned off at my email address. “Oh,” you say, “you’re just going to let the country go down in flames without even fighting back?” Nope, that ain’t what I said.


I am out there working every day. For the future of my family, my community, and my county. And hopefully, by extrapolation, my country. I work with both Democrats and Republicans and so far, they have all been reasonable folks. Working toward the same goals, just with different worldviews. But having a different worldview won’t keep me from working with someone who is willing to work with me. Folks in Carroll County have quit running around with their hair on fire and started rebuilding their party in a positive and productive way. I have watched this enthusiastic group of Democrats show up at Agri Days in Green Forest, the Kings River Clean-up, march in the First Amendment Parade, and work together to build a Donkey float that can participate in the 50 some odd parades that take place in Carroll County each year. I have sat through four hour meetings with your Executive Committee building a dynamic organizational structure for the DPCC. The result is that I have watched our party grow and become involved.


So do you have a right to run around with your hair on fire screaming that the sky is falling and it’s the other party’s fault? Do you have the right to make everyone around you feel miserable? Of course you do, your right to be miserable is protected under the Constitution. But so is our right to pursue happiness. Our mission is take that anger, that righteous indignation, and channel it into something positive and productive that will work for all the residents of Carroll County.


In a country song, Kevin Welch wrote, “There’ll be two dates on your tombstone and all your friends will read ‘em, but the only thing that matters is that little dash between ‘em.” It is truly happiness for me watching the folks in the DPCC make their dashes matter.

Charles Templeton Chair DPCC                                               June 21, 2017

I was watching Elizabeth Warren on Bill Maher and was struck by how intelligent and engaging her arguments were about saving the middle class. Senator Warren has a new book out called This Fight is Our Fight: the Fight to Save America’s Middle Class. The book basically covers the economic development of our country over the past seventy-five years and plots the growth and decline of middle class incomes over that period. Her premise is that income inequality began in ernest in 1980 with the election of President Reagan and has reached a point where half of all U.S. income is going to the top 10 per cent and it is not getting better anytime soon.


We know ‘trickle-down’ economic theory does not work so why does Congress keep pursuing policies that sends more wealth to the top 10 per cent?  Corporate Lobbyists and greed are her answers. The ‘why’ helps us find solutions and her solution is tied with the political backlash of the 2016 election as Americans in greater numbers than ever before are becoming activists and holding their Congressmen and Senators accountable.


So, the question arises, how do we remain activated? How do we keep the momentum of a political movement seeking economic and social justice moving forward? Simply put, it takes involvement, it takes time, and it takes commitment on our parts to seek changes beginning at the local level. When our influence makes successful changes at the local levels of government, our sphere of influence will grow. 


Charles Templeton Chair DPCC

May 1, 2017

Welcome to the Democratic Party of Carroll County (DPCC) Arkansas’ official website. The DPCC came together in February 2017 and set a new course for their county party and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. This website represents just one small change that should make it easier for Democrats to find helpful information regarding the DPCC and make it much easier to interact with party officials.

We have a long and difficult road ahead of us and the involvement of each member of the DPCC will be necessary to have an impact on county politics. Whether you give of your time, your knowledge, or your money…your gifts to the party are appreciated and will enhance the dynamism of the DPCC.

I also wish to thank Levi Phillips, Missy Jackson, and Margaret Fancher for the service to the DPCC and for holding the party together during a time when the political landscape changed so dramatically in Carroll County. They were strong advocates for the people of Carroll County over the years and continue to be.

Lastly, I would invite all who visit here to attend one of our DPCC meetings. You will find a family united by common goals and a strong desire to serve and hopefully, you will want to be involved.

Warmest Regards,

Charles Templeton Chair DPCC

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