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Thank you for attending ‘Recruit and Run as you AR’ on Saturday, August 26th and special heartfelt ‘Thank You’s’ go out to our speakers, Will Watson and John Whiteside.


I hope you left the event armed with knowledge on recruiting local candidates for future elections and working to insure that the Democrats who are currently in office are re-elected. Knowledge is power and following up with action is essential to make change. I invite you to join me in recruiting candidates for office. Here are 3 ways you can take action now:


1.  Please join us at the next meeting of the Democratic Party of Carroll County on September 11th at the Berryville Community Center.  Meet and Greet at 6:00 pm and Meeting at 6:30 pm.


2.  Help us recruit Democratic Party candidates for election. Please let us know if you have a potential candidate or if you are interested in running for office in Carroll County. We are here to offer support and information. 


3.  Check us out on FaceBook ( and visit our webpage ( ) to stay up to date on news and candidate training opportunities. 


Thanks to those on the Candidate Support Committee who made it all possible and always share the joy of being a Democrat; Sharon Spurlin, Kathryn Merry, Ann Ferrill, Colin Stimson, Quintin Welch, Marji Boggs, Stephen Foster and Tyler Squires. I appreciate y’all.


Charles Templeton, Chair, Democratic Party of Carroll County

Candidate Support

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